Our Exhibits

The Museum’s exhibits are carefully designed to nurture children’s imaginations, build their confidence and competence, and encourage them to test, tinker, laugh, create, and wonder! 

All of our exhibits and programs are aligned to meet California state curriculum standards, and are accessible for individuals with developmental, hearing, physical, social/emotional and visual challenges.

Airways and Raceways
Have a ball playing with velocity, gravity, motion, friction, and acceleration. In Raceways, visitors will understand such mysteries as why people don’t fall out of a roller coaster when riding upside down. This exhibit demonstrates basic principles of objects in motion that were formulated by Sir Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei.

Cityways Supported by the Rancho Cordova Travel and Tourism Board
Cityways is made up of a large activity table that features the cityscape of Sacramento. Our young visitors can build buildings, navigate boats, and use their creativity to build and expand upon Sacramento's capital city!

Gear Up! Presented by the Sacramento Junior League
Explore the mechanics of math and engineering with this interactive gear table. Children will assemble gears together to form a system of moving parts that illustrate principles such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Leo's Community Garden

Just outside the Museum, Leo has built a community garden for all of his friends! This garden grows flowers, vegetables, and herbs, and helps teach about soil, bugs, gardening, and more! Visitors can participate in facilitated, seasonal programming that teaches children where fruits and vegetables come from and why eating healthy is important for their bodies and their minds!

Mr. Noodles' Forest
Mr. Noodles' Forest is the newest exhibit at the Sacramento Children's Museum! This exhibit features a unique sensory experience: Children will be able to navigate through a dense and stimulating textural forest of pool noodles suspended from above.

My Neighborhood
My Neighborhood creates a different experience for every visitor.  Breaking down cultural walls, this exhibit uses role playing and storytelling as the basis for building cultural awareness and celebrating families and traditions as it relates to each individual family and child.

Leo's Market Presented by Save Mart Supermarkets
Sort fruits and vegetables, stock shelves, and help others check out at the cash register while playing in this child-sized market. This exhibit offers children a fun, role-playing experience and helps them develop knowledge about nutrition, sorting, measuring, counting, and cooperation. Items in the super market will include foods grown locally, as well as foods from around the world.

Story Factory 
This literacy-focused exhibit serves as a platform to carry out both structured literacy programs and activities and general reading and literacy exploration for our visitors! This exhibit is made possible by a generous grant from the RCA Community Fund of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation. 

Studio of the Arts! 
Prepare to get messy! The Art Studio provides opportunities for self-expression and creativity. Become part of the SCM community by adding color to the glass paint wall, creating something from recycled, reusable, donated materials. Children are allowed and encouraged to express themselves, leaving them with feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment that support the notion that art can be anything you want it to be.


Water is all around us. We bathe in it, swim through it, drink it, and best of all – play in it! In this exhibit, children experiment with the flow of water, build their own boats, create whirlpools, and more. They can build their own vertical city with Aqua Bricks, and climb aboard the canoe and let their imagination set sail! Warning - you will get wet!