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Field trips are ideal for groups of 8 or more visitors. Groups must be affiliated with a school (public, charter, state, private or home), preschool, school district or County Office of Education, child-care facility, camp program, or a non-profit children's organization. When entering as a group, the Museum will supply a greeter prior to entering the Museum. Groups must pay in a single payment and enter the Museum as a group.
PLEASE NOTE: If you are scheduling your visit between the months of September - May, you MUST choose a date that is a Wednesday OR Thursday. If you are scheduling your visit during the summer months (June-August), you may choose any Tuesday, Wednesday, OR Thursday. SCM no longer offers Monday field trips and cannot accommodate groups larger than 70.

Lunch Room Request: SCM's lunch room can only accommodate 24 students at one time. If your group exceeds 24 students, please note that your group will be separated into multiple lunch times at the end of your group visit. Lunch room requests are first-come, first-served and we cannot guarantee availability.

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