Coronavirus and Staying Healthy at SCM

At SCM the well-being of our guests, volunteers, and staff is first and foremost our top priority. In light of concerns related to the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to share the steps we are taking to protect the health of our guests.

Steps We Are Taking:

  • Due to the recent announcement from the CDC and California Department of Public Health. SCM is temporarily closed until further notice.
  • We have been monitoring and tracking new developments regarding the Coronavirus. We are closely monitoring information, protocols and procedures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), California Department of Public Health, and the Association of Children’s Museums.
  • SCM employs a professional cleaning crew to sanitize and clean the restrooms, lunchroom, and exhibit areas. This includes, frequent cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces that hands touch to reduce the spread of germs (i.e. door knobs, light switches, handles, etc.)..
  • As part of our effort to create a safe and healthy environment, we ask staff and guests to avoid visiting the Museum when sick or showing signs of illness. A general rule to follow is that if you or your child have a fever or are too sick to go to work or school, then you should not visit the Museum.
  • In addition to the current cleaning procedures in place, SCM has provided additional hand sanitizer stations throughout the museum and added signage in every restroom and hand-washing stations indicating the most effective technique to washing hands according to the CDC.
  • If an area or object needs attention, we always encourage our guests to notify our staff right away. If you notice a toy or object that’s been dirtied and/or in someone’s mouth, please put it in the special baskets throughout the Museum so that we can disinfect, clean and dry them before they are used again.


How can I support the Museum?

There are a variety of ways to support the museum from the comfort of your home. You can purchase an item off our Amazon wishlist here. You can purchase a gift membership here or even a Family 4 pack of tickets here for future use. If you'd like to make a monetary donation click here.

Have any of your staff showed signs of being sick?

At this time we have no known cases at our Museum. Our policies require any staff member exhibiting signs of illness to work from home or take sick leave.

Have any recent visitors been exposed to Coronavirus?

We have not been notified by the CDC or any other public health organization that an exposed person has visited our Museum. As with any public space, we cannot know the medical history of every visitor, but Sacramento Children’s Museum is taking every precaution to strengthen our cleaning procedures and reduce the risk of spreading germs.