ExplorABILITY is a twice-monthly play-based program for children on the autism spectrum, ages two to ten.


At ExplorABILITY, we encourage our players to explore, engage, and have fun in a safe, judgement-free setting. We cap attendance at a maximum of 25 kids to keep it sensory friendly, and offer 1-2 Social Skills Specialists with backgrounds in both ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) and IPG (Integrated Play Groups) who are on hand to answer your questions, to help your child with skills they're working on, and to help facilitate social skills (specifically, friendship skills) where the opportunity presents itself. This is all done in an open play format as we follow the lead of your child.

There is NO expectation on the part of the program organizers for your child to immediately engage or to participate in a specific way! This program is all about PLAY! In order for play to be meaningful, it must be spontaneous and above all else, it must be FUN! Our goal with the ExplorABILITY program is to PLAY AND HAVE FUN, while introducing our players to novel experiences, scaffolding interactive play with other children, and providing sensory exploration.

Dates & Times

This program is offered on the first & third Sundays of the month, from 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.


PLEASE NOTE: Because ExplorABILITY is so far without a sponsor for 2019, we have shifted to a "Pay What You Can" admission model for this program. To that end, ExplorABILITY will operate on a donation basis - just pay what you can during your visits to ExplorABILITY to help us ensure that we can continue to offer every child a chance to play! Thank you for your support!

Registration is required for participant(s) and chaperone(s). Click on the links below to register for upcoming ExplorABILITY sessions:





More Info

If you have any questions, please contact program coordinator Molly Mix at 916-638-7225 x103 or email [email protected].