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Van Go! is Coming Back Soon!

Let us bring our exhibits to you! Van Go! The Mobile Sacramento Children’s Museum is a school outreach program where Museum educators come to your school and transform your classroom or multipurpose room into a mini museum. Each session begins with a brief introduction on the day’s topic, followed by exploration and play time at several hands-on exhibits and activity stations. Van Go is designed for students in Grades Preschool-2.

If you’re interested in this program when it is active again, please contact us.



Please select one of the following topics:

The Five Senses

Learn about the five senses! Students will have an opportunity to work on refining each of their five senses through fun hands-on activities relating to seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling.

Sound Explorers

Cultivate your love of music! Students will discover how a variety of different instruments create sound, culminating in a music-making circle! They will also identify sounds in a fun game of Sound Bingo.


Please select one of the following topics:

Building & Engineering

Design, build, test, and tinker! Students will immerse themselves in the engineering process by working with variety of large- and small-scale building kits.

Air & Flight

Explore the dynamics of flight! Students will be able to answer the question “How do airplanes fly?” through in-depth exploration of the forces of flight, which will be explained through exciting demos and investigated at hands-on stations.

Color Lab

Play with color! Students will look, play, and create with color at four activity centers, which include a Kaleidoscope Color Table and a our Colors in Motion Air Tunnel.


A Van Go! program can be scheduled any weekday, Monday through Friday (subject to staff availability). Each session lasts about an hour, and we are only able to accommodate one class (about 20-30 students) at a time per session.

If you would like to book multiple classes at your school on the same day, we will set up in one location only (for example, one classroom, multipurpose room, or in the library), and each class will rotate through that one location throughout the day.


  • 60-minute session (1 class): $225
  • Additional same-day, same-program sessions: $150 each additional class
  • Mileage rates may apply


Payments in full are required the day of the Van Go! visit. SCM accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Check and Cash. Discount passes (including, but not limited to, passes issued by the Sacramento Children’s Museum or the Sacramento Association of Museums) are not valid for Van Go! visits. Also, Museum Memberships are not valid for Van Go! visits.

For more information, please contact our Van Go coordinator at