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This past weekend, Sacramento Children’s Museum’s Pride event was met with demonstrators. A small group of vocal individuals arrived at a family event with signs promoting hate and divisiveness. Our event continued as planned with incredible support from our guests and partners. The demonstrators used a bullhorn to try to interrupt the outside activities, but music and singing easily overcame the noise. The intruders were ignorant and hurtful, demonstrating ugliness in language and action in front of children. 

This was an upsetting event, but the Sacramento Children’s Museum remains dedicated to our values. Sacramento Children’s Museum welcomes all children and their adults to visit the museum. We invite everyone to learn, create, and explore together.

At SCM, we are committed to:

  • Listening and responding to the needs of the children in our community
  • Providing a safe space for all children
  • Offering accessible exhibits, play spaces, programming, and events
  • Celebrating the diversity of families, especially in our region
  • Exploring cultures and traditions that may be unfamiliar
  • Taking steps towards a more equitable admissions process
  • Acknowledging the land where our museum sits to recognize and honor
    Indigenous peoples.
  • Conducting an inclusive and bias-free hiring process that recognizes diversity and embraces a wide range of qualities and perspectives that candidates bring to the organization
  • Utilizing pronoun best practices
  • Establishing guidelines for tracking diversity of board, staff, and visitors and
    defining diversity set metrics.
  • Learning and growing with our community.

Museum staff, parents, and caregivers have the privilege to model inclusion and acceptance every day. Through our educational programming, training, exhibitions, and Museums for All program, Sacramento Children’s Museum will continue working all year round to build communities that foster understanding and respect.


Sharon Stone Smith, She/Her, Executive Director


SCM Family Pride

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