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a woman holding a baby stands next to Leo, a large green mascot figure.

“My daughter Phoebe and I make it a point to visit the museum weekly. She eagerly greets the staff and meets her friends. Our first stop is usually the train table or to say hello to Harold the tortoise. Then, we explore every corner of the museum, especially enjoying the current Asian-themed traveling exhibit with its seafood and pandas. When Phoebe finally tires out, we relax at the snack table for lunch and people-watching. The museum always wears her out, and she’s usually asleep before we even leave the parking lot.

“We’re a family of three: Chelsie (Mom), Josh (Dad), and our 20-month-old daughter Phoebe, plus our fluffy dog Bailey! We’re always on the go, traveling to see family and explore new places—recently, we even visited Japan. We enjoy hiking and kayaking together; Phoebe recently had her first kayak adventure and loved it! As foodies, we love trying new cuisines, with dedicated Mexican and pizza nights each week.

“In our downtime, we bond over cooking shows and spend time in the kitchen—Dad’s the creative chef, though Mom holds her own. Mom enjoys coffee, art, reading, and binge-watching shows, while Dad’s into motorcycles, cars, and, cooking. We both love PC gaming and are avid Sharks hockey fans.

“Phoebe delights in people-watching, adores animals (especially owls and horses), loves running in circles, dancing to classic rock, chatting, and reading books of all kinds. Bailey, the dog, on the other hand, enjoys napping, chasing flies, and barking at surprises,” says Mrs. Schwarzenbach. 

If you see the Schwarzenbach family at the museum, make sure to say hi! 

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