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A panda and SCM mascot Leo peek through bamboo on the left of the image next to the title Opening February 10: Play Around the World - Explore Chinese, Japanese and South Korean cultures in our newest exhibit! runs across the bottom of the image.

Play Around the World

Play Around the World is designed for children and families to explore different types of play—role-play, narrative, symbolic, and constructive—around aspects of Chinese, Japanese, and South Korean cultures. Anchoring the exhibit are immersive activities children can engage with, including feeding pandas…

Leo’s Learning Lab

Leo’s Learning Lab

Leo’s Learning Lab is a place to build skills through STEM activities and learn through play! This is where you can find our Mission: Imagination Challenge, our snake Hayes, If/Then installation on women in STEM, wind tunnel, and more to…

Animal Book Nook

Animal Book Nook

Go wild in our Animal Book Nook, supported by the Dr. Seuss Foundation! Here, guests can learn all about animals and the roles they play in the world around us in a dedicated, themed space. Join us for Storytimes in…

A girl standing behind a counter full of boxes with challenges for guests

Mission: Imagination Challenge

Mission Imagination Challenge is a STEM challenge that helps foster creativity by: Freeing from perfection Encourages thinking outside of the box Increases critical thinking stamina Creates opportunities for innovation Each participant is given a mystery box of supplies and given…

Two presenters show a bearded dragon to a crowd of guests

Pop-Up Experiences

You never know what’s just around the corner: a design challenge, a collaborative art project, or a science experiment?!?!? Pop-up Experiences only last for a short time and generate exciting and compelling experiences for your children. So what will it…

A mock campsite area is shown with a bridge, play rv, frog stuffed animals and cots.

Camp Rancho

Ahoy Matey! Come to the Sacramento Children’s Museum for a boatload of fun and excitement. Get ready to paddle your canoe on a grand fishing adventure in the Camp Rancho exhibit. Before casting off on our next fishing expedition, children…

Play vet's office is shown, with stuffed animals and x ray equipment.

Vet Office

Do you have a budding veterinarian on your hands? Our reimagined Vet Office exhibit is open to children of all ages and abilities to expand and possibly ignite an interest in becoming a veterinarian. At the Vet Office, children role-play…

Two girls sing into the play microphones on our stage!

Story Factory Stage

Anytime is a great time for a story! The Story Factory Stage promotes brain development, imagination, language, and emotions while strengthening your child’s confidence and relationships. It’s a place where children can develop and tell their own stories with the…

SCM Family Pride

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